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Why Armada?

The institution of this new venture is an exciting opportunity whereby we can improve our service to you and provide you with better value on contemporary and functional signage components.

Signs can be functional or attractive but it takes experience to combine these two features. At Armada National there is an in-depth knowledge of signage to assist you to produce well-designed signs that stand out from the crowd.

Armada National has...

  • - Extensive Signage Knowledge
  • - Unique Signage Systems
  • - Improved Service
  • - Great Value for Money
  • - Professional & Reliable Advice
  • - High Standards of Honesty & Openness

Our Systems are...

  • - User Friendly & Easy to Assemble
  • - Manufactured from High Quality Materials
  • - Durable & Resilient
  • - Available in Custom colours/sizes, on request
  • - Able to be constructed with Minimal Fabrication

Our Commitment to a Sustainable Environment

Our commitment to sustainability has been practiced for some time now as we understand the need to conserve all of our resources. One example of this is our practice of recycling all aluminium off cuts and damaged sections so that nothing is wasted.

As designers, we have primary responsibility for shaping sustainable environments. As a practice, we are aware of the importance of not wasting our resources and the importance of taking a green approach regardless of scale or budget.

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